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Other fabrics (for packaging and furniture production)


Besides the special-purpose big-bag fabrics, in the STRADOM S.A. offer there are also fabrics used in the packaging industry for the production of sacks, bags and containers, in the furniture industry etc. as well as for all types of covers and protections. These fabrics are round- or flat-woven and have standard UV stabilization.

Technical parameters:

  • Basis weight: light fabric from 55 g/m2 to 200 g/m2
  • Width: from 40 cm x 2 to 210 cm x 2
  • Colours: according to the customer's order, standard: white
  • UV stabilization: 150 kly (standard in our climatic conditions; we guarantee min. 50% of the original strength after 6 months in outdoor conditions)
  • Packing: bales

STRADOM S.A. reserves the right to alter the technical parameters.

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