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Flat-woven fabrics, coated and uncoated


Flat-woven fabrics offered by STRADOM S.A. are manufactured on top class Sulzer flat weaving machines. Owing to their special structure and high strength parameters, these fabrics are used primarily for the production of flexible intermediate bulk containers (big bags) with four hanging straps and with the highest functional parameters. In the STRADOM S.A. offer there are also breathable mesh fabrics for the production of packaging for fruit and vegetable transport.
STRADOM S.A. also offers fabrics with special properties, including antistatic fabrics (with carbon fibre to carry electric charges from the fabric) and slow-burning fabrics.

The fabrics have woven edges and reinforced stripes. All fabrics have coloured markings for easy identification of the particular product types. UV stabilization is a standard for these fabrics.

Standard technical parameters

  • Basis weight: from 130 g/m2 to 250 g/m2 (+ coating 30g/m2)
  • Width: from 71 cm to 130 cm
  • Colours: white, black
  • UV stabilization: 150 kly
  • Reinforced stripes: 0, 2, 3
  • Packing: bales wrapped in stretch film

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