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Flame Retardant Polypropylene Yarn NEW!


We are pleased to announce that we have elaborated FLAME RETARDANT PP YARN.

StradomFR  is the trade name of our polypropylene multifilament yarn with a flame retarding additive. It has been elaborated for various industrial sectors where fire retardancy of textile materials is required. The FR additive does not affect the strength or any other features and parameters of polypropylene fibre. We have conducted the flammability tests - samples with FR additive were tested for Oxygen Index levels. The OI parameter measures the minimum percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere that is required to support combustion. StradomFR fiber received slow burning rating with a 26 percent measured LOI. That mean materials with that percent value is qualified as slow burning.

Our FR fiber can applied in many technical textiles – twisted and braided ropes and cords, woven fabrics and nets for building industry and transport, electrical industry, etc.

Just contact us and ask for more details.

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