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Modern STRADOMGEO geotextiles are flat products made from polypropylene tapes and yarns or polyester yarns using the weaving technique. The woven texture gives geotextiles high tensile strength both in the machine and cross-machine direction and guarantees small elongations.

Both of these features ensure high durability of the product in various applications:
Reinforcement (R) - use of  geotextile mechanical properties to improve the mechanical properties of the soil layer
Separation (S) - preventing two neighbouring soil layers with different granulation from mixing together
Filtration (F) - containment of soil or other particles subjected to hydraulic forces, while maintaining liquid flow
Protection (P)  - protection of another material or layer against mechanical damage.
Certificate BRI PP

Certificate BRI PES

STRADOMGEO geotextiles are safe for the environment, both during laying works and in use, they are also resistant to different weather and environmental conditions. 

STRADOMGEO geotextiles are widely used because of such parameters as:

  • high resistance parameters
  • good interaction with the soil
  • high flexibility (easy to embed, assume the required shape).

STRADOMGEO geotextiles have a Factory Production Control Certificate granted by the Building Research Institute (ITB), authorizing the Company to use the CE building mark on its STRADOMGEO geotextiles.


Geotextiles are intended for applications in road and railway building:

  • to strengthen roadway surface, to prevent reflection cracking and to reinforce low-bearing soils
  • to reinforce and separate weak sub-grade of railway and road embankments and dykes
  • in building vehicle storage yards, car parks, temporary roads, forest and field roads in difficult soil and water conditions
  • to make separation and cut-off layers between fine-grained (silt, clay or dusty) soils and structural layers of the road surface
  • to reinforce the upper layer of a soil sub-grade, road and railway surface and lower layers of a flexible base course to reduce stone material consumption and to extend the useful life of the surface
  • for stabilization of landslides, for construction of reinforced embankments and supporting structures
  • to reinforce road shoulders and to widen road embankment structures

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