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Woven agrotextiles


Woven agrotextiles manufactured by STRADOM S.A. are an efficient solution facilitating effective agricultural, horticultural and fruit farm production.

Owing to their special structure and high quality, STRADOM S.A. agrotextiles have unique functional properties:

  • they inhibit weed growth - block the access of light to the soil
  • help to maintain adequate soil humidity
  • allow permeation of water and air
  • raise the soil temperature
  • do not rot in contact with water
  • striped and checked fabric patterns facilitate arrangement of plant pots on plots
  • owing to UV stabilization STRADOM S.A. agrotextiles can be used for min. 5 years.

Application of STRADOM S.A. agrotextile makes it possible to completely eliminate the use of herbicides. One-time application of the agrotextile allows the farmer to cease herbicide spraying, which effectively reduces production costs and the amount of work for many years. Thanks to agrotextile application plant and crop health is noticeably improved, fruit and vegetables are free from harmful chemicals.


  • in tree and decorative shrub nurseries in field and container cultivation
  • in orchards
  • on strawberry plantations
  • in newly planted gardens and green areas
  • in plant sales outlets



  • Basis weight: 70 g/m2, 90 g/m2 , 100 g/m2 , 130 g/m2
  • Widths: 80 cm, 105 cm, 110 cm, 160 cm, 320 cm, 525 cm
  • UV stabilization: 5 years
  • Colours: black, green, brown, white
  • Packing: Fabric wound on cores 100 r.m. each, packed in stretch film or polyethylene film

STRADOM S.A. reserves the right to alter the technical parameters.


  • Agro-set: 5r.m., 10r.m. or 20r.m. packed in polyethylene bags with printing
  • Mini rolls: fabric wound on cores 30r.m. or 50r.m each, packed in stretch film or polyethylene film
  • Standard rolls: fabric wound on cores 100 r.m. each, packed in stretch film or polyethylene film

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